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De-mystifying the 7 Skin Method

by Jayme Park |  | 1 comment

Coming into the colder season in Sydney, my skin has been dry, flaky and makeup became quite patchy. My skin was suffering from major hydration deprivation! And guess where I looked to for skin advice? Korean skincare aficionados, of course! The ultimate hydration solution trend called the “7 Skin Method” has created a lot of beauty buzz and legions of faithful followers in Korea, including the K-Pop princess, Seol Hyun of AOA, who recently said in an TV interview crediting her dewy, bouncy skin to this method (pictured below). I decided to try this for myself and share with you the secrets of this hydration solution.  



 (Photo courtesy of SBS Korea)

This trend all started around 3 years ago, from a Korean beauty blog and spread like wild fire through the word of mouth and now the secret is out in Australia for all our SEOUL SISTAS to try!


What is all the rage about the “7 Skin Method”??

Simply, this is a skincare routine where 7 layers of toner are gently patted on your face in succession and thus giving a deep, layered hydration into your skin. I first thought, 7 TIMES!! WOW! I had to overcome my curiosity and impatience and did more research and dug a bit deeper into why are there countless glowing testimonies of the 7 Skin from REAL Korean women. The 7 Skin (a toner is also called ‘skin’ or ‘skin softner’ in Korea) Method will increase the moisture level for all skin types by protecting the acid mantle using humectants (such as Glycerin) to help skin hold onto moisture; and ceramides to help skin cells stick together. In other words, your skin will be plump, dewy and bouncy! Another bonus of this regime is that your make up will not go patchy or dry even if you have layers of sun cream and foundation and helps to reduce the shiny, greasy areas due to the increased level of moisture (when skin hydration level is low, your body thinks it needs to restore balance by releasing more oil). Makeup will stay fresh and longer.


So, what should I use??

Choosing the right toner is the key for this routine as you are layering your skin several times with one product after cleansing. Essence toners with gentle formulas are recommended for this step. A hydrating yet viscous texture will help boost hydration but will drip down. Choose a toner essence with no artificial fragrance, colouring, synthetic preservatives or alcohol as it could cause irritation and dry out the skin. I’ve been using Whamisa’s Deep Rich Essence Toner for the last 18 months and so I thought this is perfect for my current skin condition and skin type (dry, sensitive, eczema, rosacea). The pinky gorgeous toner is chock full of plant and botanical extracts and no nasties like the ones listed above. The texture is bouncy and cushiony and it is formulated to cleanse and restore your pH balance after cleansing with a very alkaline cleanser.

If you like a toner that is lighter but still has the beautiful bouncy, cushiony texture, other toners I’ve tried and loved are the Whamisa’s Original Toner, Aromatica’s Sea Daffodil Toner and Lagom’s Mist Toner. Jenny, the other Co-Founder and my twin sister, used her favourite Whamisa’s Organic Flowers Original Toner for the two week challenge of the 7 Skin Method and loved it. She noticed a real change in how bouncier, firmer her skin was and how it dramatically transformed her skin into makeup ready skin in the mornings!  


The first layer is using a cotton pad drenched in skin then wipe all across the face, and then the rest of the 6 steps gently pat in with clean hands. I like to GENTLY pat in with my hands (no harsh slapping action here!) and wait about 2~3 minutes in between each step. Your skin will be quite moist from the toner but not wet so wait and watch a short YouTube clip until it is absorbed. I was quite faithful to the whole 7 steps of toner but you can be flexible and just complete 3 or 4 steps depending on your skin condition and level of hydration and sebum.

To finish off

I tried a few different alternatives.

  • Did nothing else and applied my sun cream and BB Cream. Dry, patchy makeup was no more. My skin was plump, smooth and dewy.
  • Australia is very dry all year around but especially during the colder months, I would add my hydrating moisturiser, Whamisa’s Organic Water Cream, to finish the routine.
  • For my PM routine, I used Whamisa’s Organic Water Cream or a few drops of my favourite ampoule, LJH Vita Propolis Ampoule, and my favourite Aromatica’s Argan eye cream. My skin never felt so soft like a baby’s little bum! 

AND the result!

I was so proud of my consistent and faithful process throughout my two-week trial and was so pleased that I was rewarded with a naturally dewy, plumper, bouncier skin. It did take longer than my normal routine but it was all worth it! I couldn’t stop pinching my plumper cheeks and couldn’t stop looking at my dewy smooth skin.

Oh! I do have one more tip to share from our favourite makeup artist behind Lagom, Ko Won Hye, Korea’s most sought after MUA. She recommends using a big cotton pad and drench it in toner and use it as a face mask for about 5 minutes before your makeup to give your skin an instant boost of moisture without any rubbing or friction. Applying your toner straight after your shower when your skin is moist will also protect and balance your skin pH level.

Now gorgeous SEOUL SISTAS (you! All our Franki and Seoul’s supporters), we can’t wait to hear all about your 7 Skin Method! Share your experience with us with comments below or on our Instagram post.

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  • Megan on March 24, 2017

    When I really feel my skin needs a bit of a moisturise boost I always use the 7 step! I use. Org the Lagom Mist Toner and my HG Whamisa Deep Rich Toner. I use the Lagom mist Toner first with a cotton pad, this also help remove any cleanser that is left. So I have a nice clean palette to work with for the next 6 steps. I then pat in my first layer of deep rich toner and before this layer is still moistI, I then apply the next layer and repeat 5 more times. My skin looks super bouncy, plump and glowing! Thank you both for bringing such beautiful products to enable us to look after our skin and enjoy fab routines just like this one xxxx

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