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by Jayme Park |

SKIN SUPER HEROES: Double Cleansing.

THE MISSION: To lift away every last trace of makeup, sunscreen, dirt and sweat and save your skin using the K-beauty phenomenon known as the double cleansing method. We know! It’s hard enough to wash your face once, let alone twice after a long day!



Song Hye Kyo (a Korean actress, recently in the hit drama series, Descendants of the Sun. Pictured above.) has beautiful, flawless skin that she attributes to a strict double cleansing routine every night, but she isn’t the first to swear by this methodical, carefully choreographed skin ritual. Women from Korea and Japan have used this routine for centuries and historical texts makes references to courtesans and performers using botanical oils like Camelia that grows abundantly in the picturesque, Jeju Island. They skilfully created their own oil based foundation by mixing powder and oil to cover flaws and to make skin appear fairer (much like a traditional BB cream?) and used the oils to remove them from their skin. Korean mums patiently teach their daughters how to wash and brighten their skin using DIY home remedies using rice water – our mum also handed down her own recipe of rice water to Jenny and I when were young teenagers. Even though double cleansing originated in Asia, it is an essential step for an effective skincare routine practiced by dermatologists, beauty therapists and everyday skincare aficionados around the globe. Why don’t you start your own skin loving cleansing ritual tonight? Let’s begin right here!

WHY? If you want glowing, healthy skin, hear this one out! Did you know that over time, traces of makeup and sunscreen left on your face can cause bacterial infections, clog pores, and even discolouration!

HOW? Double cleansing absolutely works for all skin types. In short, it’s a two-step routine that should be used at the end of the day when you have layers of makeup, excess sebum, dirt and pollutants. BUT it comes down to two simple things:

1… Use a mineral-oil free gentle cleansing oil that will melt away all the makeup and sunscreen, like Whamisa’s Organic Flowers Cleansing Oil.  Infused with botanical blends and gorgeous organic camelia oil, this super gentle daily cleanser won’t strip away your natural oil (sebum) in your skin. Our favourite deep cleanser is Aromatica’s Orange Cleansing Sherbet (pictured below). It is a luxurious cleanser great for clearing pores and loosening whiteheads. The beautiful fact about Asian cleansing oils/sherbets is that it emulsifies with luke warm water and no harsh face washers or brushers are needed, your perky little clean fingers will do the job! The cleansing oil will attract to the fat in your sebaceous glands (the glands that produce oil), giving your skin a deep cleanse without harshly stripping away the lipids and ceramides between the skin cells. Harsh cleansers make your skin dry and tight because all the natural lipids and ceramides have been take away - so avoid them at all cost! Look carefully at the ingredients because not all cleansers are the same. Choose wisely~


2… Use a water-based cleanser that is ultra-gentle and free from SLS (Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate). SLS are highly alkaline and will disrupt your skin’s naturally acidic fluid. Healthy skin needs balance between hydration and sebum (natural oil) and slightly acidic with pH levels 5.5~6. Sebum acts as a natural protectant and lowers the pH to combat acne-causing infection and keeps your skin wonderfully supple. Harsh cleansers will strip away ALL sebum leaving your skin dry and taut and even more oilier as your skin thinks it needs to overcompensate for the loss of natural oil. A perfect gentle cleanser to complete your double cleanse is our favourite Aromatica’s Sea Daffodil Cleansing Mousse formulated with Sea Daffodil and Papaya extracts, this soft, cloudy foam cleanser gently lifts away dead, dull skin to reveal a hydrated, comfortable skin. For those with oily, troubled skin LeeJiHam’s Tea Tree 30 Cleansing Foam helps soothe blemish and redness while Baobab extract helps your skin stay hydrated and  smooth.

Please remember double cleansing should be used at night only when you have makeup and sunscreen (unless you partied throughout the night and morning doube cleansing will do!).


Your skin is clean, no makeup, nothing when you wake up but if you look closer shiny, greasy nose and cheeks greets you, “Good morning sunshine!”. Your skin repairs itself while you sleep and pushes out toxins and excess sebum through your pores which needs to washed with a gentle cleanser to prevent clogged pores and breakouts. Plus, you would’ve slathered on your oil based creams, essence, ampoules, face masks with active-ingredients the night before. And yes, they need to be cleansed away too to leave your skin refreshed and clean to allow the nutrients and actives of your morning skincare routine to work more effectively and penetrate more deeply into the skin. Lagom, one of our favourite brands have come up with a unique oil-gel hybrid “Morning Cleanser” -Gel to Water Cleanser- that doesn’t feel greasy, making it perfect for those who are still trying to come to terms with oil being a good thing. This game-changing cleanser is an easy 1 step, time-saver allowing more time for you to eat brekky, put on some (?) makeup and rush out the door. Genius!

So here it is - Double cleansing 101.  We hope you don’t think cleansing as a laborious chore but we want to help you understand the amazing benefits of following this skin ritual and enjoy and pamper your skin every day. Yes to healthy, clean, gorgeous skin! Please share with us your favourite skin ritual or cleansing routine. Love to hear what you think!

Xxoo Jayme and Jenny

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