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7 Days 7 Masks Challenge!

by Jayme Park |  | 8 comments

I Day I Mask – a  Seven Day Face Mask Challenge


In Korea it’s called, 1 1, a beauty trend that started a few years ago when numerous Korean actresses credited their flawless, porcelain skin to their use of a sheet mask every day.  This celebrity beauty regime secret captured the attention (and pockets) of the skin care crazy nation by storm. This storm continued its surge on the allegiance of K-Beauty fans around the world. 

I was genuinely fascinated with the diligence and dedication of the fans of this sheet mask trend at first, but as I saw the enthusiasm and commitment of the countless global K-Beauty gurus trying out this trend, I was truly challenged!  I had to muster up all the energy so that I don’t manage to forget, get lazy, or just too tired to carry on this week long commitment. Let’s begin~


Day 1, Wednesday

Break outs and inflammation: LJH’s  Tea Tree Soothing Mask

The sorry state of my skin is the result of pulling many (I mean many, countless…) all-nighters working to deadlines. I’m sure you’ve all been there ?!? Never ending dark circles, angry red and plumpy white pimples invaded my forehead and cheeks. Dullness became my bestie. I needed a skin rescue! That’s when I turned to Lee Ji Ham’s new Tea Tree Soothing Mask.  I am a devotee to the essence version which is my go-to for breakouts and inflammation so I was quite excited to try this mask.


TIP!  Maximum time for mask is 15minutes for this mask. A MUST!

Dermatologists at Lee Ji Ham advised us that you should not leave on a sheet mask for longer than 15~20minutes normally, and 15minutes for the one mask a day routine.  Many of us think leaving the mask on as long as you can hold onto, from one hour to sleeping with the mask on, will increase the results. In fact, this is so far from the truth! Sheet mask is designed to intensively boost the level of hydration and actives in your skin. BUT if it’s left on for too long and dries out, it’ll actually suck out the moisture in your skin. Paper-dry skin is the worst nightmare after sleeping with a mask on.  So please stick to 15min~20min rule ;)  


Calm, soothe skin after 15minutes. My angry red pimples seemed to appear less red the next morning. I was so relieved~ The impressive ingredients of this mask won me also with no nasty potential irritants and made from hypoallergenic 100% natural bamboo cellulose, it’s super soft and alcohol free.


Day 2, Thursday

Dullness and Pore control: LJH’s Probiotics Sleeping Cream

After my pimple battle was won, my skin needed something to maintain the oil, sebum level, but hydrating. Again, I turned to the derma brand LJH for more help. The Probiotics Sleeping Cream is chock full of glacier extract and 50% Probiotics extracts which left my skin so smooth and refreshed. The best thing was that this sleeping mask reduces enlarged pores and hydrate while I was sleeping, no washing off unlike clay masks! A hassle-free, easy challenge. I might try this one again later in the week when I fall into my lazy, too tired mode.


Day 3, Friday

It was inevitable.  I fell into my lazy mode and decided to go for a sheet mask again. This time I tried the cool, refreshing Sea Daffodil Mask from Aromatica. My skin felt soft to touch and looked brighter.


Day 4, Saturday

Firming and Hydration: Whamisa’s Organic Fruits and Tomato Hydrogel Mask

I felt like pampering myself with Whamisa’s Organic Hydrogel Sheet Mask today.  The Fruits and Tomato was the choice of my evening skin care pampering session. These medical grade hydrogel mask is perfect for those with sensitive skin, like me.  There were extra serum oozing out of the packet which I applied on first before putting on the mask. I woke up with the softest baby- butt smooth skin ever. Make up even glided on so well which was perfect for my Saturday brunch with family.


Day 5, Sunday

Soothe and calm redness and irritation: Aromatica’s Soothing Relief Calendula Mask

It was a perfect 31degrees today so Jenny and I headed to the beautiful Balmoral beach for some sun and swim.  Summer definitely came early which was great, but my poor sun burnt skin was in need of urgent rescue.  I quickly dabbed some Aromatica’s Aloe Vera gel first to calm the redness and itchiness. Fortunately, I had a Aromatica’s Calendula Mask in the car and rushed to put the mask on my sore skin.  Fifteen minutes and a few coke zeros & gelatos later, I was no longer an inflamed tomato.  I will definitely make sure I have a few Calendula masks in the fridge throughout the summer.


Day 6, Monday

Rejuvenate and Nourish: Lindsay’s Collagen Modelling Rubber Cup Mask

After a hectic day of treating sunburn, I was ready for some ultra-nourishing and revitalising mask. Jenny suggested that I try the Collagen Modelling Rubber Cup Mask to nourish my sensitised skin.  I am now pretty good at adding water and mixing the mask so I added this to my morning routine. My skin was left super soft and hydrated. Felt like I was in a spa, but I didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it.


Day 7, Tuesday

Last day, I tried the Lindsay Pearl Mask which left my skin brighter and soft. Easy to use sheet mask.


Seven masks in seven days. Phew~ My five cents and conclusion… My skin is so soft and revived after this week and my makeup glided on smoothly like a baby’s bottom. It’s a real time saver considering one step in my daily routine gives my skin such an instant boost. It also allowed me to unwind and pamper myself, a small treat every day is good for the soul too. This was a fun and fuss-free challenge, wish all things in life was this easy! The seven-day mask routine is perfect for a preparation for a special event like a party or a wedding, or you want to pamper your skin after a long stressful week.  Happy Masking!




Comments (8)

  • Elizabeth on August 22, 2017

    I am confused about the Rubber Cup Mask. How many masks is in the $8 offer. I noticed you add water. Is this a powder that we mix and paint on our face or put in the rubber mask etc. It looks easy and yet still confusing. I would really like to see on your page some form of Step by Step demonstration. Maybe a little video. Also may I suggest a contact email or phone number. I saw you on Shark Tank and was so impressed with your ethics.

  • Megan on October 25, 2016

    I must say I love the sound of the Lindsay Pearl Mask! Who doesn’t want softer and brighter skin?!

  • Megan on October 25, 2016

    I have extra sensitive skin, so the Whamisa’s Organic Fruits and Tomato Hydrogel Mask sounds awesome! It’s hard for me to find really good quality products that don’t hurt my skin, so I would really like to try this. :)

  • Megan on October 25, 2016

    I really love the scent of tea tree, so the LJH’s Tea Tree Soothing Mask sounds heavenly!

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