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Why tone your skin? Remember the three Rs!

by Jayme Park |  | 1 comment


This is the step that a lot of people skip in their skincare routine and yet toner is as key as moisturiser.  

Do you remember the days when toner was called an 'astrigent' and you could smell the alcohol that pinched your nose from a mile away and reminded you of an old, opened Vodka... Many of us were literally scared of using a toner fearing the alcohol filled astrigent could dry up your skin and cause a serious skin hangover! Good news Seoulful beauties!.The days of alcohol concocted toners are no more. Gentle and hydrating and non-alcoholic toners are here to stay to hydrate and freshen up our skin. Let's explore a bit more into why we actually need to tone our skin after cleansing. 

Toners have a number of purposes just remember -
The 3 Rs :

1. REHYDRATE the skin after cleansing. The skin's moisture level drops after cleansing so a gentle and hydrating toner will boost moisture level and helps to keep the skin soft and prepared for the next skincare steps so your skin can mop up all the goodness of the products used. 

LGH Grow Hyal B5 Toner Franki and Seoul

This innovative toner from LGH, Grow Hyal B5 Toner,  is a watery bouncy gel toner made with 5 types of HA (Hyaluronic Acid) to rehydrate and plump your skin through the increased production of the skin’s natural fats and oils (ceramides). Plus, skin soothing natural ingredients like Japonica root extract, a medicinal herb long prized for its powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.



2. RE-ADJUST pH after cleansing with a very mild pH balanced toner that ensures the skin retains it’s protective properties. 

Sioris Time is running out oil mist Franki and Seoul

Time is Running Out is our favourite hybrid oil mist from Sioris has a perfectly balanced pH level of 5.54 slightly acidic which matches the skin's natural pH  around 5, which is slightly acidic too. Jenny and I survived on this oil mist toner during one of the coldest and windiest winter in Korea early this year during our business trip. Temperatures dropped to -15 degrees! butit was the wind and indoor heaters that really did the damage for our sensitive skin and our cheeks were so rough and dry, it felt like sand paper! We would take the mini bottle of this in our suitcase and spritz it on taxis, our long haul flight and every chance we got to hydrate our poor skin.

 3. REMOVE any residue of makeup or impurities that remain after cleansing and can help to close and tighten pores. 

We certainly so our best to remove all the layers makeup, suncream and dirt during cleansing but sometimes we miss a spot here or two. Pour a toner generously on a soft cotton pad and wiping it all over your face will take away the last trace of all makeup and impurities. Plus, a toner will help to close and tighten pores after cleansing. 

 Our curation of gentle and hydrating toners will keep skin moist and plump to prepare the skin for the rest of the skincare steps to give you glowing and chok chok  촉촉 skin (means supple skin in Korean) ! Share your toner experience with us, including any nasty used by Vodka experiences too! ^^  Tap the link TONER to shop all our toner range.

xxoo mwuah~


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  • Sara A. on June 11, 2018

    Old vodka hahaha! Really enjoyed this, thanks for the informative but funny post. I should definitely use a toner now.

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