Dashing Diva


Korea’s most iconic nail artist, Unistella, designed this one-of-a-kind salon quality DIY nail art as a Special Limited-Edition Collection. Wine and gold colour combination is perfected with exquisite sparkling Swarovski crystals on luxe gold plates. Every time you move your hands, the gold metal line glitters for a sophisticated yet decadent look. Inspired by a ‘rouge’ lipstick that brings a little luxury to our lives, this salon quality nail art will bring the ‘bling’ to your hands.  *Stocks are very limited so grab these while you can!SEOULFUL INSIGHTUnistella, aka Eun Kyung Park, is Korea’s most loved nail artist. Her unique designs like glass nails, wire nails and diamond nails have garnered her a legion of fans around the world. This Limited-Edition range captures her signature looks in a Ready- to-Wear collection. Nail artist designs in just seconds without the wait at salons, nasty fumes, plus it won’t cost an arm and a leg!

  • No Glue = No nail damage
  • Just like putting on stickers on your nails!
  • Super thin and flexible for comfortable wear
  • Instant gel colour
  • Easy to apply, easy to remove
  • Wear up to 7 days
  • Customizable length

Item Includes

  • 30 Nails including 6 accent nails
  • 1 Alcohol prep pad
  • 1 Mini file
  • 1 Wood/cuticle stick

Length of Wear: 5~7 days

Watch the How to Use Video and read through carefully How to Use instructions below.


These nails are for ONE TIME USE only. DO NOT REUSE WITH NAIL GLUE. You will risk inflammation and contamination if you re-use or use longer than 7 days.

Discard after 7 days.

Discard straight after prolonged time in water (swimming, beach, water sports)!

Give two days of rest for your nails before starting another set of new nails.

DO NOT wear the Dashing Diva nails if you have any skin or nail problems like inflammation or nail fungus.



Keep reach out of children. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Wash skin with warm water and soap/hand wash to remove any incidental contamination. Strictly for a maximum 7day wear. Wear beyond 7 days is NOT recommended. DO NOT wear the Dashing Diva nails if you have any skin or nail problems like inflammation or nail fungus. Discard straight after prolonged time in water (swimming, beach, water sports).

Content Copyright © 2017, Franki and Seoul

  •    Step 1: Prep: Start with clean nails. Trim and file nails. Push back cuticles. Wipe nails with alcohol prep pad provided.

       Step 2: Select: Size Select the correct size nail for each finger and set aside.

       Step 3:  Application: Peel off clear backing film to expose glue. Align nail with cuticle, making sure to place the clear tab side at the cuticle.

       Step 4: Finish: Press down firmly starting in the middle, then press down on each side, left to right. *For the first half hour, repeat pressing on nails to ensure extended wear. Wait one hour before cutting, filing nails and before exposing to water! Some nails have uneven edge, gently smooth with a nail filer.

       Step 5: How to Remove: Easy Removal! Soak the wood stick or a cuticle stick in nail remover and gently push the edges and remove. Or soak a cotton pad with nail remover and apply around the edges and wait for one minute and peel off or use the wood stick/cuticle stick.

  • Nails : ABS Plastic

    Adhesive : Acrylates/Ethylhexyl Acrylate Copolymer

    Prep Pad : Isopropyl Alcohol, Water.

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