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franki and seoul personalised skincare consultation

Email for a FREE Personalised K-Beauty Skincare Solutions! 

Finding the right skincare regime is like the never-ending search for that perfect pair of blue jeans (you already have 20 in your wardrobe!). 

You have tried countless number of creams, cleansers and even resorted to harsh laser treatments, etc...,  and still haven't found the right products and routine to achieve healthy skin: We hear you!

Or you could be a total skincare newbie and don't know where to start: You have come to the right place!

Getting the right advice and products is easy as sending us an email - No more running around different stores and specialist.

Share with us your skin story so we can tailor our advice according to your specific needs.

Please include the following details in your email:

1) Age

2) Current skin concerns

3) Current skincare regime and products, including any past laser treatments and retinol/retinoic acid usage

4) How far along are you on the skincare journey?  i.e absolute skincare beginner to K-beauty aficionado

5) Time commitment and budget to K-Beauty: Whether you are a time-poor mum or working/studying long hours, we can cater products and regimes to your lifestyle and budget.

In the meantime, our carefully curated skincare sets below, according to skincare concerns, is a great place to start.

Jayme and Jenny are committed to bringing you insightful and personalised skincare advice and point you in the right direction for the best products and regime.  It is our mission to help you gain confidence in your skin health.


Jayme and Jenny

Co-Founders of Franki and Seoul


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