Our Journey


Identical twin sisters, best friends since birth, partners in crime and proud beauty nerds. Born in Seoul and grew up in Sydney suburbia. We played Saturday netball as kids and came home to kimchi-loving parents who instilled a spirit of sharing our love of Korean culture with our friends and community. Straddling between these two worlds motivated us to be bi-lingual and bi-cultural, loving both our Korean heritage and Australian values.

After university, we took different career paths. Jenny’s passion for international development and health led her to work with women and children on maternal health, nutrition programs, and communities devastated by natural disasters. Jenny worked for the United Nations, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and NGOs in Asia and the Pacific Islands. Jayme studied psychology while helping to run the family’s food business. She continued her beauty nerd journey as a hobby by giving family and friends facials, skincare tips and sharing her treasure troves of beauty products from her trips to Korea. This hobby developed into a passionate interest in skincare and beauty.

Our skincare journey started 10 years ago with both of us experiencing health and skincare issues, including rosacea, eczema and adult acne. Our road to finding healthier solutions began with healthy eating and lifestyle choices, including re-evaluating how we take care of our skin.  

We tried pretty much every skincare product under the sun, including Australian, French and Japanese brands known as holy grail products, but nothing really worked for us.  Light bulb moment: return to our Korean heritage and its holistic approach to skincare.  Korean skincare is all about inside-out results, using ingredients that are natural yet effective.  Enhancing your natural beauty is at the core of Korean skincare philosophy.  We meticulously followed this approach and our skin health was restored and transformed.   

We have spent the past year in Seoul, testing hundreds of products and working directly with companies and manufacturers. We were awarded a grant from the City of Seoul government to build our Korean beauty business.  Through this grant, we secured extensive industry contacts, including Korean government organisations and cosmetic industry network and gained understanding of the latest Korean cosmetic industry trends and trade laws and regulations.  Our approach is unique, we are an e-retailer and a distributor of our exclusive products. We want to bring to Australia only the best of Korean beauty!

We are proud to bring these exclusive brands to Australia for the first time. We curate brands where ingredient integrity is a-must, going beyond natural products, our products are effective and naturally luxurious.  It is exciting and rewarding to help people gain confidence in their skin health. Franki and Seoul delivers so much more than just products. We are committed to bringing you insightful skincare advice, latest Korean innovations, and up-to date K-beauty trends and tips. It is our mission to be your most trusted source for healthy, radiant, glowing skin. Start your skin journey with us!


Jayme and Jenny 

Spring of 2016

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