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On 22nd August 2017, Jayme and Jenny swam with the Sharks at the Channel Ten Shark Tank Studios in Sydney. Can't believe it's already been over a year since our appearance on the show. 

Behind the story...

It's quite funny how what you say constantly turns into reality. I (Jayme) always said to Jenny that we will be on that whenever the show or their promo was on and we would just laugh it off and didn't give much thought. Never in our wildest dreams, we thought we would be appearing on one of Australia's most popular TV show! We put in our application only a month after we launched our website and  with only 10 sales of just $1500 (very thankful but it wasn't considered significant enough to apply).  We made our 3 minute home made video in our office/sun room and bit the bullet and applied. Much to our surprise, we were asked to come in for an audition and pitch our 5 minute Korean beauty dream pitch to 3 producers with camera. There were serious grilling and question time about us and our business but we really enjoyed sharing our story. It was a lot of fun chatting with others about what questions were asked and we wished each other luck and left the audition. 

The pitch and meeting the sharks

Franki and Seoul Shark Tank Australia

The call came saying we made it! Yesss~

Jenny and I did a fair share of presentations throughout uni and for work but even they did not prepare us for the battle of nerves we faced. With hardly any sleep and serious butterflies in our stomach and shaking hands, we stood in front of the infamous sharks on a frosty early Sydney morning.  We were first up for that day and felt the tension in the room. Our new stilettos were too big for our tiny feet and made our trembling walk down to the tank area even worse! 

We were elated and very proud of our selves that we did the pitch exactly the way we practised and didn't miss a word. The Q& A time of grilling came next. Seriously, five of them came at us with questions after questions, we had to slow them down at one point because Steve Baxter (one of the Sharks) was rushing and cornering us. We had to stand tall and firm and told him please give us a chance to finish our words. That broke out into a burst of laughter in the room with the other sharks and we continued for a never ending 45 minutes of filming. 

Shark Tank Franki and Seoul

For those who have seen the show, we won't bore won't bore you with the gory details of how we didn't get the investment.  Naomi (the one in the red dress) and Janine (founder of Boost Juice) seemed interested and considered carefully but decided not to invest because they didn't know much about nor really believed in Korean skincare at that time which we totally understand, not many knew nor appreciated K-Beauty in Australia 2016 compared to today.  And the fact that we were so early in our business phase didn't appeal to them. But not to fret! We did the best we could and really enjoyed the opportunity to share our love and passion for K-Beauty with the rest of Australia.  We were very grateful and blessed to have had the amazing opportunity to share our journey as sisters in business together and pouring our hearts out into a business we are so passionate about. Gave a big pat on the back to each other, hugged mum and dad, and chanted "this is just the beginning!".  We knew we were going to grow from strength to strength and learn and grow together as a family.  Our sweet mum and dad were absolute champions, supporting us and encouraging us throughout everything. Plus, we learnt a lot throughout this whole experience and met some wonderful people along the way. Our producers in charge and the film crew who came to our house for filming was our biggest supporters and gave us a lot of good advice and encouragement, and plenty of laughter. 


Franki and Seoul Shark Tank Australia


The airing of the actual show was after 10 months after the filming so we had to wait patiently for that time.  

The night of 22nd August is a night we will never forget. Our phone and our website was completely down for a few minutes because we had too many visits to our website at the same time and the ringing sound of orders streaming through did not end. I thought my phone was going to break at one point because there were so many notifications of orders - never seen anything like this- and messages of congratulations from friends continued late into the night. Even though we didn't get an investment that night, we were supported and encouraged by thousands of people from all over Australia sending us emails (we had over 3000 emails which it took us months to read all of them) and messages of genuine support and sweet words like "love your family- your mum and dad are so sweet!", "the sharks doesn't know anything about K-Beauty" really lifted out spirit with pure joy and gratitude. 

Over 15 investment offers came in saying they would like to invest in our business which was a lovely surprise. An investor even rocked up to our house unannounced with a business proposal in hand. We were so thankful and grateful that all our hard work was not left unnoticed. 

For the next 4 weeks after the show aired, our family packed over a thousand orders day in, day out with 3 loads of delivery per day and hardly any sleep. But we were so happy even in our sleepless nights and tired bodies. What an amazing opportunity and blessing to share with Australia our love for Korean beauty! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your incredible support and words of kindness and love. Means so so much to the Park family!!! Without the support of our family, friends (who forgave us for being absent for the past few years, you know we love you!), our Seoulful beauties (aka our incredible customers). 

We would like to thank our brand partners like Lagom, LGH and many others who stood by us and supported us.

What a surreal journey we've had in the past few years of our K-Beauty story.

Thankful, grateful and more passionate. 

Our journey continues in 2018 and we are looking forward to more amazing skin journeys with you! So please continue to share your skin story with us, email us at  Gam sa hap ni da...jeong mal...Thank you~

Lots of love xxoo

Jayme and Jenny (and mamma Park and Papa Park)

 Quick quiz - who is Jenny on the photo above - short hair or bob?? Share your answer below! hehe